Asana crashing repeatedly

This morning, Asana is crashing on us repeatedly. It is happening from multiple computers, across multiple different browsers and after following all troubleshooting steps, including clearing cache and other history items (cookies, etc.), verifying browser version, verifying the connectivity, verifying TLS 1.2 is in use - basically everything I am asked to try after following the directions. Additionally, when it crashes, Asana gives me a keyphrase to submit to a report form; but as far as I can tell, there is no support form - just this endless loop of crash, click, read, crash, click, read, etc. It’s becoming quite frustrating.

Steps to repeat:
Open Asana
Wait for crash (10-20 seconds)
You can accelerate the crash by actually trying to do something (anything) in Asana

Hi @Clark_Morgan1 , I think your best bet is to contact support directly using this approach:


Need Help? Contact Asana Support · Asana

Looking for help with Asana? Find answers to common questions here, or contact our team. Learn more at Asana.

Click “I’m having trouble with…”
Then scroll down and click “Let’s talk”

Include at least one of the keyphrases.

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Thanks Larry. I did not see that. I had expected it at the end of the self-help section. It is a little hard to spot.

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