Asana "Dark Mode" Color Option

+1 for a night mode sider switch and/or the options to define times for an automatic switch to and from night mode on a daily basis.

+1 as well.

I know this screenshot/use case is based on Creative Cloud’s user agent styles… but with the release of Asana for Adobe CC it seems like a dark mode for the native app could be in the works?? :new_moon_with_face: :pray:

I mean, what a tease!!


+1. please and thank you.

Hey, we’ve been using a browser extension called Night Eye that enables awesome dark mode in Asana. Highly recommend it if you are really interested in having darker UI - previews on Asana dark mode can be found here! The good thing is that they support all browsers. One “downside” is that it is paid extension that offers 3 months free trial.

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Dark mode is a great idea. Most companies are starting to add this feature. Is this a big fix for the Asana team to implement?

I was surprised that there’s no Asana dark mode yet.
But they’re probably waiting to release it TOGETHER WITH IOS13.

So iOS will have dark mode + Asana at the same time!!!

Can’t wait!! :heart:

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Hey guys I’m an Asana Ambassador and I agree with everyone, they should implement a dark mode. IOS just did it and many apps have already done this as well. i would like to know if this is a big update and if it’s in the works???

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Hey guys, come see Bridge24 for Asana, we have a dark theme :slight_smile:

While native Dark Mode in Asana would be nice, Dark Reader ( selectively inverts colors for all websites for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I’ve used it for months to reduce eye strain, and it produces a really nice dark theme in Asana.

You can also check out the extension’s privacy policy at

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+1 for me.
I use the Desktop app as well as iPad, so having a native theme is a better option than having to revert to the web browser.

As a stop-gap, I’d like to have the ability to load my own Background image. That would at least give me a consistent contrast experience.

+1 dark mode

Dropping in my vote for a +1 for a Dark Mode color option.

I use a chrome widget called “darknow” and it turns any page into a dark theme or not. very simple to use.

Please add a dark theme!