Asana "Dark Mode" Color Option



Hi @Christopher_S and welcome to the Community Forum! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post with it; feel free to add your vote on the main thread and have a look at the suggestions above!


+1 to dark mode, my eyes neeed it


Hi @Marie, would you mind adding a link to the thread you mentioned to @Christopher_S
Thx :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Troy_Flowers :wave:t3: This is actually the thread I was referring to, Christopher had initially created a brand new thread (Feature Request - Dark theme for sensitive eyes) :slight_smile:


Oh, heh… Thanks!!


Another +1 to requesting this feature - my team just switched here from using another tool, and within the first… 3 minutes of using Asana, my user experience could be summed up as “AAAAAAAAAHH MY FACE HAS MELTED


Well, now that Apple has added a dark mode I bet we’ll be seeing more webapps creating their dark themes too.


+1 from me!


Yes pliiz. :man_technologist::heart:️:new_moon:


Very much want this function. Asana, please implement!


Adding my +1 for a Dark Theme. I just added the Mac dark theme and love it.

I tried changing the theme to Mineral (the rocks), but it only seems to affect specific projects rather than the Home Page (which I find unhelpful).


This is especially relevant now that Mojave has dark mode and I’m working like an owl most of the time.


Yes please dark mode! You can do it!! :slight_smile:


Yes please. I’d download it today. Thanks!


Dark mode is all the rage these days. I’d love to see this!


1000x “yes”. I’ve been working to make my entire life into dark mode. Please!


Im surprised this hasn’t been implemented yet.


Dark mode (but dark not full black - yes there is a difference) would be very welcomed. Especially for the mobile apps. It would also be nice if we could have Dark Theme for the forum, also. Other Discourse forums have this setting turned on. It would be nice if you can also turn it on.


I ad my voice to this request. I am using the Apple dark mode on my Macbook and I love it!