Asana crashes upon the post of a Status Update

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When publishing any status update Asana prompts the user to reload, although the status update is saved, the user then has to go back into the project to re-post the status update.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a status update using highlights, attachments or just writing, then post.

Browser version:
Using chrome

Upload screenshots below: four users in my org have reported it, it does not happen for me. No screenshot available

*After reviewing the troubleshooting options, it mentioned to make sure the browser is up to date. If my organization is transitioning from chrome to microsoft edge, will Asana still work?

I’m now experiencing the same issue using the Desktop app.

Hello @Brittany_Dean, we experienced some issues at the time you reported this, so I’m curious if you’re still having this issue?

Hello @Marie, I reported it to Asana support and the person on my ticket was able to track the issue and escalated it to the engineers. I personally haven’t experienced it since I reported it, however, members of my team using the desktop app and browser have experienced it.

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Thanks for the follow-up @Brittany_Dean. Since it has been already filed internally, I’m going to close this report in the Forum. Hopefully this is something we can solve for all your teammates asap!

Thank you for checking in!

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