Asana bot for G Suite


I reacently tried an Asana bot for G Mail Hangouts. It turned out it was not created by Asana, but some other company, but I have to tell you we loved it.
We have now stopped using it as we cannot confirm the reliabilty of the developer, but the benefits were amazing.

The bot allows you to create a chat room, where you can link multiple Asana projects. You can customize what updates the bot will pull from Asana and drop in the chat.

This way we created a room for each of our bigger customers and then we had a central place where the entire team could receive real time notifications about what was happening in every place which is related to this customer. Something Asana is currently desperately missing.

It will be nice if Asana can develop their own bot, given the tight integration they are working towards with G Suite.


Maybe you should hire a developer yourself to do it :wink:


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We would love to, but to be honest we don’t know what kind of person we are looking for. I mean in terms of technical knowledge.
Frankly the world is going this way, that you need a developer, but it is not very easy for companies like us, which are more print oriented :slight_smile:


That exactly the reason why I created Asana Experts :sweat_smile::+1: