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I know there are a lot of brilliant folks who have done really cool things on top of the Asana platform – whether that’s 3rd-party apps that enhance functionality or clever workflow templates – so I think it could be interesting if there was some kind of officially-supported Asana “App Store”, or even “App Directory”.

This is of course a pretty huge undertaking, but I’m curious to see if others would find this interesting as well!


Hi @Drew_Shannon,

I started working the second I read your post so now have a look at:

Ok, that was a joke! Actually, Asana created that a while ago. It doesn’t list everything but there’s a lot there to check out.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


…And as for the “Template Store” check out the Community Forum’s own @Bastien_Siebman’s Templana:


Duh, can’t believe I forgot about this! I’ve been on this page dozens of times, and it totally slipped my mind. :wink:


@lpb good joke :stuck_out_tongue: @Drew_Shannon looking for any particular app, or just all apps available?


Good question - while the integrations page mostly solves what I’m looking for, I think I was envisioning something a bit similar to the Shopify App store.

Asana is such a great “blank slate” platform, that I think it can maybe be a bit overwhelming for new users, as well as be a playground for creative types. It’d be cool if there was more of a groundswell community of tinkerers / app builders / teachers to help users think outside the box and use the platform in unique ways.


I am kinda trying to create such a thing with my “Asana micro incubator”
My initial idea was to share my code for free to someone who wants to build stuff. Now we are more or less a group of 5 people, each of us with our own project.


Hi @Drew_Shannon,

Bridge24 for Asana is an official reporting app included in their App Directory.

3 main features

  • Interactive charts: The different chart types supported are: Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar, Horizontal bar, and Vertical bar
  • Advanced reports: Include subtasks with indentation, 2-level grouping, custom fields, all that in a high quality printable PDF format
  • Export Excel: Export Asana tasks, including subtasks, custom fields, documents, comments, to Excel formats

Hope you will find what you need :slight_smile:

Daniel Raymond