ExpandingAsana / API / Integration Usage

Hi there,

Asana has been great for our company. We are using it strictly for project management right now, but I’d like to expand on services and capabilities to include app integrations like time tracking, quick books, digital briefs, andI’m sure a whole lot of other things I don’t even know about.

Is it possible to speak with somebody who can guide us in the right direction?

Thank you

A number of us Certified Pros are available to talk (feel free to private message me in this forum) about what’s possible with Asana. We’re listed at https://certifiedpros.asana.com/ and minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods.

Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana lists available integrations with Asana.

One of those is Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator). which offers (free) some creative uses of Asana (slideshows, mindmaps, many more) documented in Medium posts and Youtube videos at Trilogi Solutions: Asana Consulting – Medium or by searching for posts on Asana2Go in this forum.


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