asana app development console rejected legit png files as app icons

uploaded legit png files, < 5mb, png, 128x128, but asana rejected the files.

this is one of the png we tried

the attachments have a few more failed samples.

yesy ![yesy|128x128]

some failed images


Hi @Shi_Yan,

It seems this issue has happened to some other people as well:

@Ross_Grambo can you advise on this? Thanks!

FYI I moved this post to the Developers & API forum section.

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Hmmm I don’t know what’s happening here because that’s the new developer console, so these bugs shouldn’t have moved over from my understanding. Especially since it was resolved for others. Perhaps we reverted the fix…?

@Shi_Yan could you PM me your user id and the app id you’re trying to upload an image for? It’ll help me look through logs. Additionally, do you get an error like the users in the post @Phil_Seeman linked?