Asana and Workflowmax Integration



Hi, I am using Asana for Task and Project management in our company. My company is using Workflowmax for project billing, invoicing and time tracking.

Is there a way I can integrate the time tracking of Workflowmax with Asana? Same way as HarvestApp, only through Workflowmax.

Appreciate any insight.



The three potentials for integration are always: existing pre-built integration; 3rd party tool; custom integration.

Pre-built integration:
Asana doesn’t have an integration with Workflowmax, and it doesn’t appear that Workflowmax has one with Asana (looking at Workflowmax add-ons). So no luck here.

3rd party tool:
The main 3rd party tool for integrating with Asana is Zapier. Alas it seems Zapier does not support Workflowmax. There are other 3rd party tools for Asana integration as well, like Unito and, but I can’t see any support for Workflowmax among them - although you might want to reach out to them to verify that. But it looks like this option is a no-go as well.

Custom integration:
You’re left with the option of building a custom integration using Asana’s API, if you have a developer resource available to you; or of hiring a developer to do it (best to contact @Bastien_Siebman if you’re interested in that).

This is probably not the answer you were hoping for, but this is what I see.

There is also importing/exporting to consider, but I don’t think that’s going to very viable in this instance. Perhaps others have an idea about this.