Asana and JIRA custom fields integrations

Hello everyone,

I have a question and I am hoping someone would have found a solution and could direct me.

Customer Pipeline is currently managed out of Asana
Customer Implementation process is triggered with detailed JIRA workflows

I would like to integration / automate Asana custom fields into JIRA new ticket.

Anyone has come across or implemented something like this?

Sales Manager completes a sales in Asana and marks a custom field as complete.
This triggers a workflow to create an implementation ticket request in JIRA where the custom fields from asana go directly into the JIRA ticket custom fields

Any thoughts?

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For me your best chance is to use a combination of native rules and custom code.

Native rule in Asana: custom field change would trigger the creation of a new Jira ticket (pre-existing rule)
Custom code: have some code sync Asana custom fields with Jira fields (because this is isn’t covered by pre-existing integration).

I can help with that last part, I played with the Jira API recently and that is feasible!

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