Customize Fields Displayed in JIRA Card Connection

Hi, I have connected JIRA and Asana and each task is associated with a JIRA ticket. Since the JIRA tickets change so frequently as work is done on them, including the due dates and some custom fields, it would be nice for me to see those from inside Asana. Currently I get some good information on the card, but there is more information on that ticket I’d like to access.

I am just looking to modify the view, not sync data changes between the apps.



Does this mean you wish a change ont he Jira ticket would impact the task native fields, like a custom field or due date?

Hi Bastien, no I am only looking to change which fields from JIRA are displayed in the little card that gets attached to the task details. While impacting the fields as well would be nice, I can make do with just seeing more information from JIRA, within Asana.

According to me, you can’t change the way the widget looks, you have to go with what Asana/Atlassian decided…

Unfortunate but thanks for confirming!