Connect any item to Salesforce by Asana for Salesforce

The data structure is different now, so please consider this in the future.

In addition, has the following features

I would like to see this feature added to make Asana for Salesforce more popular in Japan.

I would like to be able to bring Salesforce item information into Asana’s custom fields.

Then, when I make a change to that item in Asana, I want Salesforce to update that item.

For example, a ticket status for customer support.

Very often, we get inquiries from customers in Salesforce.

I can use Asana for Salesforce to automatically create tasks in Asana.

However, the status management is still separated in each system.

It would be great if we could improve this.

Hi @Hiroshi_Watanabe, thanks for reaching out!

You might find the solutions posted here helpful:


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath , thanks for your reply!

I will try it.

If it possible to make sure to implement for Asana for Salesforce by non programming.

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