Asana adds Spanish and Portuguese, plus global updates

Full details on the Asana blog: ¡Hola! Olá! More languages and global news

Asana has launched the app in Spanish and Portuguese!

In addition, we’ve made improvements for our customers across the globe to make your experience more intuitive and localized. You can select the day of the week your calendar begins for a more flexible view of your work. When you purchase Asana, Premium and Enterprise customers can now pay in euros or pounds.

At this time we will not be offering Spanish or Portuguese language support in the Asana Community Forum. However, we encourage you to visit the Asana Guide, which contains helpful support content that you can now view in both Spanish and Portuguese.

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Awesome but after change to portuguese on of my custom field disappeared. The name of the custom field was “Progresso”, translation of Progress. I’m really afraid of a conflict of your Asana Default custom field “Progress” translated to portuguese.


Thanks for the feedback, Mauricio! The launch is recent, so our team will be sure to log feedback like this in order improve things overtime :slight_smile:

Finally here, That’s great. I’m using now spanish version of Asana!

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