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Within my business, I am looking for a solution to manage my client deals. I am a mortgage broker and I have a sales process that I like to stay on top of to ensure I have given my clients the best possible experience. My concern is once the deal has settled and the project is archived, how do I keep a record of which task was completed when, just in case my files are ever audited? I can see that you can print the completed project, but it only gives you simple information showing checkboxes completed. How do I print or export all the data? For example, the date the specific task was completed? or any notes that I have completed on the task?

ASANA is great for the process itself, but once the file is moved to storage, I need to ensure I have a paper-trail.


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You can always retrieve archived projects and the tasks (both complete and incomplete) within those projects via my favorite Asana feature — Advanced Search —

Projects (live ones and archived ones) and search views can also be exported to .csv format to show you all of the details (task name, assignee, completion date, etc) —
I’d recommend exporting to .csv over printing because the data comes through cleaner.

Also, here’s some info around our terms — &

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