Archive or hide completed Goals

It would be great to be able to hide completed Goals for better visibility on the open goals. Either archiving or giving the option to show only incomplete goals (similar to Tasks) could work.


Great idea @Carissa_Castro, thank you so much for sharing! We’re planning to continue improving Goals in the future, so we’ll definitely kee this in mind!


Yes definitely!

What should we do now? Delete them? It’s nice to be able to see old goal progress though…
Any suggestions?

+1 from me!

We’re currently setting our Q1 2021 goals, and I’m trying to work out what to do with our Q4 2020 goals. We’re using the same company objectives, I’ve closed the Q4 2020 goals but they’re still visible under the company objectives, which is confusing!

As a workaround do you recommend deleting the Q4 goals?

I agree with the suggestion. Right now, not being able to archive or delete them is an impediment to my using this feature. Would love even to have a workaround.

Probably bad form to answer my own question. However, I realized you CAN delete goals. That is a suitable workaround for my quarterly goal setting need.

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Voted for this one as well! Old goals should be able to be archived for review later without completely deleting or having to keep around on the Goals tab and cluttering the current goals.

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+1 from me. Please hide closed goals because it gives much higher visual clarity of what matters currently.

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Any updates on this? I can archive or park goals, and since our company’s goals are set by quarter, it’s starting to get really messy which old goals. @Asana can you help?

Hi. We would like to have the goal archiving feature too!

+1 from me too. After a goal is Closed, it still appears alongside the Open goals. We don’t want to distract our staff with Closed goals. There should be a feature to Archive Closed Goals.

Hi everyone! I have found a bit of a workaround for the time being: create a new team called “ARCHIVE”. Then, at the end of each cycle, reassign each Goal to the ARCHIVE team.

To hide these goals from view, simply go to Show/hide teams and deselect the ARCHIVE team (and, of course, reselect this team when you want to take a look at past Goals).

It doesn’t allow you the same flexibility to see to which team(s) the Goals were originally assigned, but you could technically edit each Goal name to denote the team (i.e. “Finalize editorial calendar 2022 (MT)” for Marketing Team, etc.).

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I would be great to have a similar archive function as in projects! Thank you!

Agree - it’s been two years since this topic was raised, and goals continue to not be archivable. This doesn’t work with business process. Ideally, we have visibility into the performance on goals for years to come, and we have a reports screen where we can see the high-level review of how it went in prior years compared to now. Please take another look at this feature, and make it more user friendly - it’s a valuable one!

Hm - I think maybe this is now being dealt with with filters? I can scroll back and forth through goals using the filter… maybe what’s really needed is a report screen of some sort? Or that it defaults to the current year/quarter?

Archiving goals would be a huge help or deleting goals if they are mistakenly created.

Welcome, @John_Werner,

You can delete goals here:



Awesome! I didn’t know delete was up there. I appreciate you letting me know.

When you close this goal, would that act like an archive type function?

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No, but some suggestions are offered in this thread for alternatives to archiving, and you can vote for that feature by clicking the title to scroll to the top and then click the purple Vote button.


I do not have a delete option for “My Goals”, only “close this goal” (which does nothing when I click it but open a status page.) Can you only delete company and team goals?