I have a board where my team creates tasks based on a template and creates content that requires approvals. When they make their task they assign it to themselves, and I have automated subtasks and approvals. The approval is assigned to their supervisor, and the task is assigned to them. When the supervisor activates the approval (decline, revise, approve), the task owner is not notified. What I need to do is manually go into each task, open the approval, and add a collaborator for them to get notified.

It would be super helpful if the owner of the task was notified when a change happened to an approval linked to their task.

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The task owner of the main task correct?

Does the task owner initially create the approval subtask? If the task with approval subtasks is created via a template then just review the template to ensure the relevant task collaborators are added.

Because how it should work normally is that when a subtask is marked as approval and assigned to Person A. Once person B marks the approval subtask as approved the main task owner is notified like this:

Can you clarify if that is what you were asking or do you have a different question?

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