Appointment Reminder

I want a appointment reminder set up so that I can email our clients their installation date. In this screenshot there is a place for us to create an installation date in our calendar. I now want to send a reminder through asana this way.

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At this time the only way to create rules/reminders is based on due date. You would need to make the due date the installation date and then create a rule in Asana to prompt the reminder. An example would be “Due date is approaching” ‘task is due today’ > “Comment” Send an email reminder to ‘task name’. This would then notify all collaborators that an email needs to be sent for that task.

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Welcome, @Traci_Kenner,

If I’m understanding your question, I think when looking at the task as in your right-side screenshot, you could just type Shift+Tab+F (or choose Create follow-up task) from the “. . .” overflow menu, preface the title with “Send email,” give the due date when you want the reminder, and you’ll get an Asana Inbox notification just after midnight that day (and an email to you as well if you have your settings set up that way).

(@Christine_Bolton’s answer addresses setting up an ongoing automation for your installations generally, but you can only do that if you have the Business or Enterprise plan.)

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