App integrations configurations in templates

Hi All,

We have about 100 different teams running in our instance for which we’ve created templates to implement validations, integrations to other apps etc as part of their workflow.

Unfortunately there is no way to preserve these configurations in a template. I know that a lot of these integrations have individual user / seat licenses but in general there should be a way to embed those settings into the templates.

Instead of give users a standarized template and workflows it’s really an invitation for each user to create their own workflow.


Hi @Patrick_Przybilla,

From the Project Templates 2.0 announcement:

Apps/Integrations/Dashboards are not supported just yet but our Product team are working on introducing these very soon!

Asana knows they are an important element to have available in templates.


As a reminder we created a collaborative list of supported features with template V2 Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose