API Utility and Zapier Requests

I know that there are some good developers ( I hire them) that stand ready to write utility programs for those of you like me that are not gifted to write my own API applications. @Bastien_Siebman for example just wrote the nice listing of tags as well as his flagship Templana. @EricLegault is the life blood of Sendana, @Phil_Seeman has tremendous application of Flowsana, @lpb (Larry Berger) has done great with Asana2Go and you are about to see the great talent of my latest find on Upworks @Mahmudul_Hasan who is doing a tremendous job on my new idea Sendana-add. I know there are other out there also, like the author of Kothar. @Marie I would boldly ask that you consider pinning a topic at the top of Integrations for the entire community to be able to post there simple utility requests that may be unique to their organization or in some cases have a broader audience. I would also extend that to our Zapier experts who I am familiar with @Todd_Cavanaugh and @paulminors. Not so much for full blown commercial integrations but for any number of API uses or custom Zapier applications that would help while Asana continues to build out their product or a use specific to an organization. I am always thinking about something but it may be that a group of people could use a simple utility and could contact these guys for assistance. Some could even pay for the services as a group if they have a common need. Like I referenced I found @Mahmudul_Hasan a very bright man, who teaches some pretty advance computer classes at his local University and wow what he did not know at the beginning he dug in until he found very novel solutions. I must also mention @haythem.abderrahim who did great things for me on the CSV to PDF converter I donated to the community as well as my Sendana website. It gets a little expensive to donate free things to the community and the community might want to co-op on some things. So @Marie why not pin API Utility requests and Zapier Requests and let others tap into the talents of all these people and others who are absolutely phenomenal promoters of Asana.


Good idea :slight_smile: Thanks James


good thinking @James_Carl. We’ve made an integration that syncs tasks between Asana and a Google sheet so we can sort our projects and better manage things like effort on tasks. I’ve been thinking of cleaning it up and making it public if anyone is interested (it’s kinda built just for me right now so need to make it more publicly usable!)

But we’ve also began doing some collaborative projects for groups of businesses, like crowdsourcing we gather a group of people that need the same integration and build it for them, they get what they need and share the cost amongst the group and we get to keep building tools that lots of people use.

If anyone is keen please feel free to drop me a line here at shooshmonkey.com/chat and since the success of our other collaborative projects I’ll be starting some sort of public registrar for people to submit ideas and vote up then we can build the tools people need at a fraction of the cost and waaaay faster than the service provider (sorry Asana, you guys are pretty fast but you have a bigger plan to fulfill :slight_smile: )

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