API "GET/PUT User Profile data" is needed

Hi Asana community,

Want to bring this topic to your attention. We basically need an User Profile API that would address following 2 scenario:

  • GET User Profile - ability to grab all User Profile data, including last logging data timestamps to build the report in external BI systems
  • PUT User Profile - to allow consistent User Profile creation with needed attributes (Department, Business Title, Name Surname, ideally Photo) via API rather than self-service only. I.e. we are 8000 people company with 300 Asana users and I’d like to be able to add a User who may not be active now while searching it among automatically created via API User Profiles.

Hope that would seems relevant for other teams/users.

Please support with your voices ))


omg this is seriously not there? I cannot even GET user job title information out of Asana to figure out which users need an update - Asana please help! Being able to create a user via API would be useful too but we urgently need to be able to keep the directory in sync. Can this data be updated via SAML at login time or something (though I would not want to keep pictures updated that way at least it would be fine for job title and department)?

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This is an old post, but I just came across it and wanted to document for future readers - if by “job title information” you mean the user “role” field, then while it’s not documented, it is possible to get users’ roles via the API; see this post for how to do it:

(cc: @AndrewWong about the “not documented” part :wink:)


wow… thanks. This is exactly what I was needing. But where can I see the list of available options?
I looking to this point on Asana but not have linted the option for “role”. OKay, I read that it is not documented.

The idea is to get all fields here!

Hi @Bernardo_Castro,

role is the only one I know that can be retrieved. Since it’s not documented, the only thing I can suggest is to try putting some best guesses for the other field names as opt_fields and see if you get anything back. I guess pronouns would be the most obvious fieldname to try; you can try various values for the other ones and see if anything works. Not a great solution I know…

If you do have success retrieving anything else, it would be great if you could post that here for future readers; thanks!

Hi Phil,

Perfect, I understand how to do it. I founded the two fields missing, is: about_me, and also the already added in the post role and pronouns.

Thank you.

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Very cool!! Thanks for the update.