User API

Hi, we have an integration that uses the /users API and the /audit_log_event API to pull user details into an internal auditing tool. We are looking to get the user’s role (member, guest, etc) but have not found a source for that. Can you advise if there is a way to get this from your API? Thanks

Hi @Todd_Fredricks,

The reason you haven’t found it is it’s undocumented but you can get it via opt_fields. For details see:

Note that you’ll have to include a workspace parameter as it’s defined at the workspace level (a user can have differing roles in different workspaces).

Thanks, I saw that post too but that solution does not seem to work anymore. At least in my enterprise instance that field returns the person title (i.e. Vice President). It would be great if some of these undocumented fields could be documented. :). there seem to be quite a few.

Oh yes sorry, what you got is the defined “role”. I see now what you’re looking for is not that, but rather

For that, there are these properties on the workspace membership object:

Hopefully that will give you what you need.