any API return user's type/role/permissions

I am using asana trial account. I am using asana REST APIs for workspace, users as given in the document Asana
But when I used workspace_membership API(Asana), it return the is_admin value false for every user even the user
show on UI as admin.
I wanted an API that returns the user’s role/type/permission. I didn’t find any API which
returns all roles like super admin, admin, member, guest, or billing owner. Can you provide API which returns the user’s role/type/permissions?

Hi @Ian_It and welcome to the forum,

This info isn’t available via the API. The only thing that’s available are the values of the fields:

Did you specifically ask for those fields using opt_fields=is_active,is_admin,is_guest in your URL query string? It works for me - when I do that, it returns the proper values of those fields.

I used an asana trial account. So not able to see asana members page. But one user in this account has an admin but in API response show as is_admin value false. I tested this using asana API explorer. In account has multiple users but none of them had the is_admin value as true. I attached a screenshot here. Can you tell me what is the reason for this?

Afraid I don’t know why it isn’t showing any admin users if you think you have one or more.

I’m confused about this part. Even in a trial account, I think you should be able to go to Admin Console > Members.

User members page look like

I could be wrong but to me, this indicates that you are not on a trial but are on a Free account.

  1. How do I differentiate between Super Admin and Admin where the “{workspace_membership_gid}” API returns the “is_admin” value as true for both Super Admin and Admin.

  2. How to find the user’s Billing owner value.


Unfortunately neither of those things are available via the API.