How to get Asana Licensed Users from Asana API

Hi Team,

We want to fetch the licensed users from Asana from the API. We are calling the following API to get list of members in a workspace. However, We are not able to get the correct information. We use the following 3 keys to filter licensed users

“is_active”: true,
“is_admin”: true,
“is_guest”: false,

However, There we get many users who show as inactive in Asana admin portal come up as is_active = true. Also, Many users who are shown as ‘guest’ in Asana admin portal are shown as is_guest = false.

We are not sure if we are hitting the correct Asana API endpoint. Is there a way in which we can identify the active and licensed users from Asana API data?

We are using the following API endpoint.

Did you ever solve this? We want to do a similar thing, I think. We need to generate a monthly list of licensed users, their teams, and their license tier.

Hi @Elleni_B_Fellows and welcome to the forum,

Try this endpoint to get a list of the users in a workspace and their license level:{workspace_gid}&opt_fields=workspaces.contemporary_premium_tier

Some notes:

  • It leverages the undocumented parameter contemporary_premium_tier. It’s not 100% guaranteed that parameter will be available forever but I haven’t heard that it’s going anywhere.

  • The possible values for contemporary_premium_tier are:

    • tier-2-enterprise
    • tier-1plus-premium
    • enterprise
    • enterprise-plus
    • tier-1-premium
    • starter
    • null
  • This won’t tell you what teams each user is in; for that, you’d need to loop through each returned user and call the Get Teams for a user endpoint.

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