Create Users API

Is there really no API call to create or delete users? It seems lacking because that’s the most tedious part is adding and removing users.

Hi @ataylor and welcome to the forum,

You can’t create a new user per se (I think because they want the user to accept the creation?); but FWIW you can invite someone - see Adding members to a project - #6 by Jeff_Schneider

This seems like a pain. How do you recommend customers manage automation for identity in Asana - should we use screen scraping/RPA tools or can the API be used to manage users? Looks like the current API does not even return all user fields (off-hand ‘role’ aka job title is missing) let alone allow removal of users from the company/adding users? Trying to sync our users with our primary directory to make sure we do not for example have terminated users that didn’t get removed as well as automate creation for new hires.