Anyone else loving the new Widgets for the homepage?!

Anyone else loving the new Widgets for the homepage?!

The ability to favourite forms and have them or most recent forms as a widget means that people may no longer need reference projects or bookmarks to find various forms!

Additionally, the status updates for portfolios and the draft comments widget is so useful. Wonder what others are coming? What are some you’d like to see?

Danni from Generation Digital


I particularly like the Forms widget. Clients of mine had found storing different form links difficult. They had been making storage projects for all their links. Now with this widget they never need to do that!!

Draft comments is also an interesting one :eyes:

The “Status updates” widget is not working on my home page. It is showing project status updates from months ago, even though there are more recent updates since then. It is also not showing all status updates, just out-of-date ones from two random projects (one of which is even archived).

My browser is up to date and I have tried refreshing the page, to no avail.

I’d like a calendar widget for the home screen, so one has a complete dashboard with one’s priorities, calendar, etc. all on the same page.

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Apologies for the late response - sounds like a bug - is it now resolved?

Like a recreation of the my tasks calendar ?

No, even after removing and re-adding the “status updates” widget, it’s showing me four updates: Jan 17, Jan 15, Nov 22, and Sept 20, even though I also have updates dated in March and April.

Hi @Jen_Mattice please make a bugs submission

Hi, @Jen_Mattice In the Status update widget, you can see the updates someone else updated. You won’t see the Status updates that you did. Are there any new updates by other users since January?

No, I’m the only one who does status updates, and all four that are showing in the widget have my name next to them, so it is definitely showing updates that I did. I don’t know how to make a bugs submission, please advise.

Hi @Jen_Mattice when in the community home page if you click on Bugs under Catagories and create a post there.

To confirm, the home page Status Updates widget will only show project status updates from other people; it will not show you your own status updates? Is there a way to have it show your own status updates? Thanks

Hi @Laurel_Posey, Yes, the status update widget only show the status updates from other people and not your own updates. This is the same as the status update notification in your inbox.

I am afraid not at this moment :sweat:

And this feature is not yet fully rolled out, this was rolled out as A/B test and the product team is still working on it! We will update here once we decide on the roll-out schedule. Thank you!