Any way to move photos from parent task to a subtask?

We have a few mobile users who are a bit technologically challenged and they have a bad habit of uploading photographs of the jobsite to the Parent Task for the job they are working on instead of to the subtask we have in all of them called “Put Photos Here”.

It also happens a lot when onboarding people as they learn.

Sometimes there’s 20-25 photos and it makes a real mess out of the parent task.

Is there any way at all to get those photos moved out of the parent task into a subtask? Even if that subtask is a new one.

I realize I may be asking something that isn’t doable. Is my only option to download them, delete from parent task, and upload to a subtask?

Hey @Matt5,

unfortunately this is not possible if the files have been attached to the task directly. Would be different if the files are added to Google Drive or Dropbox as then the shared link can just be added to the subtask.
Now if the files were attached with a comment then you can copy the comment link, however that won’t move the files either.

Here is an existing feedback request thread for you to upvote:

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