Ability to add existing attachments or move attachments

I would love to be able to move or copy attachments from one task to another, or particularly from a sub-task to a parent task. Right now, I have to download the file then re-upload it to the parent task. For example, we have an editorial workflow that uses subtasks to manage it (yes, yes, I know there’s a vocal group against all subtasks, but we like them. It keeps the main project from getting overwhelming, and subtasks mean we don’t have to make a whole new project for every single article. Anyway…) One step in the workflow is imagery. I would love to be able to simply click the dropdown arrow on an attachment and select “copy to (search for task like you can for dependencies)”. Same with articles – the writer has a subtask to keep things clean, and the collaborators are only the people who need to review it. Once they upload their final, I’d love to be able to simply move it to the parent task as the final version.

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