Android app not syncing large set of tasks or data offline


During last.month
Android app not syncing offline activities
I have gray strip even wheti am online


Hi @Alona_M! Can you try reinstalling the app and let us know if the issue persists?

Ps: I have just moved your post to the correct category (#tipsandtricks); hope that’s ok! :slight_smile:


We are also having this issue. i have a team member using android and his app is not syncing even when connected to to wifi. we have deleted the app and reistalled but it keeps having sync issues. anyone else have these issues or have some tips?


@Marie any other solutions?


Thanks for the follow-up @Hugh_Breckenridge! In order for me to escalate the issue to our engineers, could you please confirm what version of Android your team member is running? Could you also let me know what version of the Asana app they are using? Many thanks!


i reinstalled 2 days ago now it is ok


Great news, thanks for keeping me posted @Alona_M! Have a great Monday :slight_smile:


@Hugh_Breckenridge looking forward to your reply!


Will i still have the pending task from my smartphone after deinstallation? Or will they be deleted after reinstalling? And everything is lost what i have created?


Hi @Danilo, if tasks you’ve created from your mobile haven’t synced, I’m afraid they will be lost. Have you checked if these tasks are available on your account from the web version? it might just be a small glitch with your mobile app?