🎶 And I will try to fix you - Asana for Facilities

The flexibility of Asana means that it can lend itself to hundreds of different use cases. One that I have seen coming up more is facilities management.

Here are a few way I have seen facilities teams build workflows/projects in Asana:

  1. Health and Safety Reporting or Building Maintenance Form - using the Asana form feature to submit health and safety concerns or something that needs fixing/updating. As it is a form that can be accessed by a URL, issues such as a blown bulb, leaking taps or more serious concerns can be logged via a form and submitted into Asana as a task containing all the information on that form. It can have questions around the location, priority, safety and can notify anyone in that project when it is submitted and move through an ongoing process style project with section such as “New Repair Requests, Scheduled, Repairing and Complete’ for example.

  1. Facilities projects (of course!) - building redesigns, extensions, relocations, mass upgrades or sustainability projects. Essentially the project management side of facilities can all be managed in Asana. Using a timeline or gantt style project you can easily see the timeframes and dependencies.

  1. Day to Day To Dos and management - watering all the plants, remembering to book deep cleans and other regular tasks can be tracked inside a BAU style project with recurring tasks set to re-occur at the interval you need.
  2. Alongside the above we have to talk about RISK management- please see my previous post on how to create a RAID log in Asana.

Don’t forget, there is always the Asana Mobile App to help manage this on the go too!

Let me know any other facilities use cases that could work with Asana!


Nice one Danni!

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Yes it’s great for this purpose. Any implementations I do for clients, this is often not the main purpose but a useful means for a business to manage facilities too!

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Nice! What’s a BAU style project?

Business as usual. Just a project for smaller tasks that are more day to day

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