💡 An action drop-down to go one step further in automation

At our company with @Julien_RENAUD we manage invoices in Asana. And we usually have two common scenarios:

  1. delegate an invoice creation to our amazing assistant Julie
  2. mark an invoice as paid

Each of these scenarios involves several steps. For example, delegating to Julie includes assigning to her, changing the due date to today, and changing the status to « To create ». Marking as paid will change the « Paid on month » value, complete the task, change the due date to today and update the status.

Obviously, after a while, we realized it was stupid to always do this manually, so we used automation. We created a custom field called « Actions » with several drop-down options, including « Delegate to Julie » and « Mark as paid ». Then we used Rules to do all those actions when the custom field changed to one of those options.

Capture d’écran 2021-10-26 à 13.28.52

Voilà! The « action » dropdown menu is a cool trick you can use in a lot of different situations! What do you think?


This is a great tip and the idea of combining many actions into one trigger with the rules is brilliant. You’re always thinking out of the box @Bastien_Siebman!

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Thanks Paul, this tip is really a keeper, I love it :heart:

Is this only possible with an upgraded account?

@Wendy_Allen You’ll need a Business or Enterprise subscription to have access to build custom rules, which is necessary to string together multiple rule actions.