Allow users to upload images (e.g., logos, photos) to serve as project icons

Please Yes! This is a much needed feature and one that I very much need as a visual oriented manager.

That feature is a must. It would be much easier to locate the project especially if you working with more than 10+ projects. Please give this feature to us.

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+1 This would be a really helpful feature. Hope to see it rolled out soon.

One more for this. It would make it easy to quickly recognize everything visually.

+1 color coding is not enough - our team works on a variety of products with unique colors (that arent fully represented by the Asana color spectrum provided) and the icons don’t really fit either. Would be great to add our own icons!

Has this been added to Asana pipeline?

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+1 bump :100:

I upvote it too… would love to bring custom photos / icons into the project icon… Please keep us informed when it is available

Another vote here, thanks

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YES please - everything they said ^^

2 Years since this request has been made and still no attention from Asana Devs?


Come on Asana people, can we get this sorted please? As a recent mover from Trello and a fast-scaling business, colour and custom images will really bring our projects to life!

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So I’m increasingly getting frustrated with this. Clearly we want a way to help us distinguish multiple projects as at a glance. We need to add icons or images to these cards. You already have the functionality to add your set of icons so how difficult can it be. Come on already. Pretty please with a cherry in the top.

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Yes, this is a much-needed feature.

seriously, Asana is SOOO BEHIND in terms of development. can’t add custom background for everyone, can’t add project icons. get with the times. it’s 2021. your app functions like it’s 1999.