Allow to make any field required before the task can be posted

Is it possible to make certain fields in Projects required for users to fill out when adding a task to the project?

For instance, when creating forms, you can make different fields required. This is great! Can you add a button such as these required buttons on the Form editors, to other places in Asana? I’m trying to make pre-established templates for my organization to use. Standardization is one of the goals. While I can create project templates, none of the fields inside this template can be marked as required, which then will rely on users actually following orders. And we all know users will take the path of least resistance when filling out anything.

Another question is, why don’t forms “save” themselves inside the template? Say I create a project template, and then create a form within that template. When I go and add a project, and use that template, it carries over the custom field columns on the list pane, but it does not carry over the forms I previously created inside that template. Is this a glitch? I don’t see how it shouldn’t carry, it sort of defeats the purpose of creating templates and forms.

I don’t want each of my departments using Asana like a sandbox, I want to give clear lanes, and the only way to do this is by creating templates, forms, and required fields.

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Hi @Adrian_Aguayo and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about required fields, I love the idea! Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future! As far as I’m aware it’s not part of our near terms plans, but this is definitely something we will consider in the future!

Regarding your questions about Forms in templates: as it stands, Forms can’t be saved with templates, but although forms are pretty new, this request is already pretty popular in the Forum; if you haven’t yet, I would highly encourage you to add your vote to the following thread: Can the FORM in Asana become template or Save as a template?

Hope this helps! Have a great day Adrian!

Hi @Adrian_Aguayo

Your request to save the form as template has been processed up through the Vote.
Kindly add your Vote on thread Topic: Can the FORM in Asana become template or Save as a template?

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No they can’t at the moment @Pranjul_Sharma; but this is something that we will consider in a future update!


Is this on the roadmap at all?

Hi @Helga_Bjarnadottir,

I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to post an update here when I do!

@Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath

Any update on if/when we can see the required field status for tasks in Asana?
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Adding my name to the list of supporters for required fields. As our corporate teams work to implement standards, it is essential that certain data fields be captured with regularity. Making certain task fields mandatory–as they currently are when generating a new task via a form–would go a long way towards helping to capture complete sets of data when tasks are completed. Thanks!

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I have high expectations for this feature.