Allow to load all sub-tasks at once

There is mo way of loading all sub-tasks at once if their list is very long. This proves to be very inconvenient when you need to look at the whole list but instead you are forced to load more sub-tasks every time you open/re-open the task or refresh it. Please add this feature as a setting, instead of deleting it completely

My gut feeling is that if you need that much subtasks maybe you should convert the task into a project. Don’t you feel stuck in such a tiny space to work with subtasks?


So do you recommend us to use Trello? This feature was the biggest reason to use Asana. But loading subtasks are so annoying. A lot of uses want to collapse completed subtasks and annoyed by loading subtasks in everytime.

Does it make sense to use a project instead? That would create too many projects?

@Anastasia_Pahomova, I haven’t tried it but if you’re using Chrome desktop, you could use this Chrome extension that addresses exactly your issue:

If you do, let us know how it goes!



Thank you so much for the wonderful extention! +AAA

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You saved my life with this extension!!
It works perfectly. Thanks!


That’s great, @Anastasia_Pahomova! I hope you’ll provide the author (and thus others) your feedback in the form of a rating/review at . You’d be the second review!

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A lot of theme members don’t seem to look at the “Load More SubTasks” link. I think it will be best if:

  1. They just load automatically when you reach the end
  2. They always load, even at the expense of making the page slower, I believe that is still more productive than having team members miss their tasks.
  3. Have a more prominent button that calls for attention, but this require interaction from the user, I think its best to have them load automatically.

I’d second this, in favor of the ‘load automatically when you reach the end’. Either that, or a memory of the expansion level it was already at; I frequently drill down into a subtask to read the description posted, and when navigating back to the parent, it becomes burdensome to have to continually “load more tasks” if the subtask was far down the list.


Yes Please do that !

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Ok, this was making me nuts, so I created a tampermonkey script to solve it. Sharing in case it helps anyone else. Should work for any asana link, AFAIK

// ==UserScript==
// @name     Auto-click "Load More Subtasks"
// @version  1
// @description  Automatically clicks the "Load More Subtasks" link in Asana when present.  Runs for 10 seconds, checking every second.
// @author       Aron Beal
// @match*
// @grant        none
(function () {
  var count = 10;
  var ival = window.setInterval(() => {
    if(count <= 0){
    let links = document.querySelectorAll('.SubtaskGrid-loadMore');
    if(links.length === 0){
    Array.from(links).map((link) => {;
  }, 1000);
// ==/UserScript==

Due to posting constraints, I can’t link to Tampermonkey, but just look to your chrome extensions or firefox add-ons store for it.


If a task contains many subtasks, only the first 20 are shown with a “Load more subtasks” at the bottom. While this works fine for a flat list, it seems inappropriate if the subtasks are structured by sections.

I think it would be much more useful if all subtask sections would be shown by default, each one with its own “Load more subtasks” link (maybe the number of tasks per sections should be reduced in that case).

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Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way.

I absolutely love Asana, and am grateful they make it FREE to a one-man-gang such as myself.

I use Asana to systematise all required project tasks for my digital marketing as well personal to-dos etc…LOVE IT

But like others here, it’s so annoying and UN-USER-FRIENDLY that I’m constant hitting the ‘LOAD MORE SUBTASKS’ link…especially when you have deeply nested sub-tasks resulting in having to continuously click that link in order to view more.

I’m not a Techy developer per se, but gees this seems to a major User Experience fail for these guys.

Now I do recall reading an Asana Post some years ago about a recommended size re task number, for a Project/ Sections/ Tasks>Subtasks>Subtasks etc but I believe Asana should fit into our needs rather than us trying to fit into Asana’s system limitations…

I have tried other approaches like moving tasks to the far left pane/up one level…but that doesnt always work either.

I’m hoping this is NOT a MAJOR HURDLE for the smart folk at Asana to simply ENABLE all tasks to be viewed when entering a project or diving deep down into sub-tasks

In the mean time will try to figure out how to use the guys script he provides above.



Got Tampermonkey
copied your stuff in
now what? how do i make it run on autopilot?

ok the issues was, when creating the script, by copy/pasting your stuff in…i havd to 1st remove the Tampermonkey stuff…so it worked for a little then, well does nothing, doesnt work…though for example the plugin icon say ‘execute 2 times’ etc…so seems to work itermittently…
any help is great appreciated

The problem is not only members not seeing the tasks, even when you work in a small team or by yourself, if you work with nested tasks, you need to click this damned “load more tasks” each time you go back one level. Made a screen capture to illustrate this:

The “load more tasks” should only be activated at a much higher number of subtasks (a number where it really starts to affect performance, maybe 100?) and once a list is expanded, this should be remembered when you return to the list from a child task.


Just tried the script above, the var count = 10 just needs be changed to a larger number so the script runs for more than 10 seconds, but this is very helpful! Thanks Aron!!

UPLOVTE - This clicking through sub tasks is a waste of time

I regularly use CSV uploads to create tasks with dozens of subtasks under them. Clicking to view the details of subtasks is incredibly cumbersome, however. This is especially true when there are > 20, where you then have to click “Load more subtasks” to see all of them.

So when I’m clicking into details between multiple subtasks one after another my flow looks like:

Subtask detail > Back to subtask list > click “Load more subtasks” > Scroll back down to where I was > Subtask detail

All of this happens in the right side detail window. The main task list remains the same.

Instead I propose that when clicking into the details of subtasks that the main task list toggles to show the subtask list to allow for easy side by side viewing of the subtask list and the subtask details.