Show all subtasks always without the load more subtasks button

I have this Template project I use that has many subtasks. Once I copy the template I tend to delete a lot of subtasks that are not needed for the project I am working on. There are often so many subtasks where there will the link ‘Load more subtasks’ however when I start to delete them they still appear as if I had that many tasks. Wish there was a way to remove this function all together and just show all subtasks always

This is working like this to preserve performance and load times, I am not sure it will change. Maybe they can auto-show while scrolling :person_shrugging:

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Until/if there’s a better solution, consider:

for mentions of Asana Expander and Asana Load More and perhaps others which may help in opening things.



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