Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

Come on Asana! This thread has been going on for years!
Multi homing is so messy! It just duplicates the task into the project. People put these as subtasks for a reason.
Having the entirety of the project in workload (including subtasks!) makes much more sense for proper visibility over actual workload.
We have a workaround project for task management too because the portfolio feature only works for high level viewing - it doesn’t help team leaders have an overview of details.
We use subtasks other wise there would be too many tasks in a project to manage!


This is the kind of thing that makes Asana completely unusable for me. It’s an absolute waste of time to have to fiddle with individual subtasks to get them to appear on the calendar other views. This is basic stuff, y’all.


I did this for my subtasks and it created another task for each of them in the project as a parent task in a new untitled section.

How is there still not a solution for this? I think this is a standard feature in other products.


That’s because a subtask that gets added to a project becomes a task in that project.

It’s weird and unintuitive compared to what we see with other task management solutions, but that’s what we’re stuck with currently.

Just to piggyback on @Skyler’s reply above, it’s not another task - it is the same task, just displaying twice. That’s important because if you make changes to it in one of its places, it will change in the other place.

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Also checking in on a solution here, we configured our templates to be more easily focused on the higher level tasks but each step of our implementation task can be filled with 1-12 subtasks to fully complete and move forward.

@Bastien_Siebman The pre-multihome of a subtask only seems to work with an existing project but we would need this to be dynamic and tied to the project being created from the template. Do you have a suggestion to resolve this?

@Cassie_Bever I do not. Those 12 subtasks, are they just a checklist the assignee need, or you assign them to different people with different dates?

I agree. A subtask of a maintask belongs to that project you are working on. This is really frustrating.

Voting with my comment as well as my vote, ignoring the other issues presented above, this means my “My Tasks” is cluttered with subtasks with no context. I just have “approve paperwork” written 8 times but not one for each of the various paperwork tasks that we have multiple people working to finish. If I could sort by project I could grab the paperwork on my desk, approve it, and mark complete. But instead I have to navigate through every project to get the context of any subtasks assigned to me.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration isn’t it? Simply opening the subtask on the right will show at the top the parent task and the project…

Also, voting for this, as duplicating every subtask and converting them to a task defeats the entire purpose of a subtask. My team needs to be able to assign a subtask to other team members and add the estimated time and date for the Workload to even be a viable option for us to forecast and plan our loading.

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