Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

Assuming you didn’t mean “expand the section,” you can somehow request this of Asana but it’s unlikely to be done, I think, because the subtask behaves as a top-level tass without subtasks itself, and so there’s no associated expand/collapse icon for it.


FYI you can accomplish this with a Flowsana rule: the rule would be “When a new task is created, add it to project [the current project where the rule is being created]” and you would select to have this rule apply only to subtasks, which is an available option in Flowsana.

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This feature would increase Asana’s pitch for encouraging users to upgrade to the Business plan as automatically attaching subtasks to a project would hopefully allow for users to better utilize the workload and goals features. Currently both the workload and goals do not capture data presented by sub-tasks. Having this feature would provide a more accurate view of a team member’s workload without having to go through all the clicks to add a project to a sub-task (which creates task duplication by creating a task on the project). It also would provide for a more accurate picture of progress made towards goals.

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