Allow advanced search to search for projects by custom fields

I have a user facing a challenge whenever he’s conducting an advanced search with more than 3 filters. In his words, if he gets beyond 3 filters, “it just kind of blows up.” I’ve asked him to clarify what this means…does it just spin and never filter, does he get an error message, etc.? I’ll update this topic once he gets back to me. In the meantime, though, is there any limit on how many filters can be applied when doing an advanced search?


Did you try yourself yo run a search with more than 3 filters? I am not aware of any limit, and I would think that the search should give less and less results, rather than blowing up :sweat:

Hi @Chris_Lewis, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, we don’t have a limit on the amount of parameters you can add in the Advanced Search feature. I recommend you following the steps in this article to try to solve the issue!

I did try and was unable to duplicate the problem. I have asked the user for more specifics and he said it “just spins” when he applies more filters than 2. It’ll be a day or two before he has bandwidth to try and work with it more so I will update when he gets back to me.

Thanks - I am hopeful to get a chance to look at it together with my user in the next couple of days so I can see exactly what’s happening. Thanks for confirming there isn’t a limit on filters.

Got some face time with the user just now. Here’s his specific challenge: he’s got a portfolio open on-screen, and he has custom fields in the project list of that portfolio. If he does a “normal” search where he just types something into the search box then he gets tasks containing that work as well as projects and portfolios containing that word. But when he does an advanced search at the portfolio level and includes any of his custom fields that exist in the portfolio view (one field, two fields, doesn’t matter how many) he gets zero results. I do note that he doesn’t have anything in these custom fields in projects or tasks - he uses them only for portfolios.

Currently, he will export the entire portfolio to CSV and then use the sorting tools in Excel to accomplish what he thinks he should be able to do using advanced search…it would be easier if he could do the filtering in Asana and then export to CSV when he wants to generate a report for his leadership to review.


Advanced Search only returns tasks and messages, not projects, so it works with task-level custom fields but not project-level custom fields. The workaround your user is using is the best one, I feel.

@Emily_Roman, perhaps this thread could be moved to #productfeedback so it could be voted on, and the title changed to clarify?



Thanks for the reply, this was my suspicion. I’d love for this to go into the “suggestion box” for consideration as a future enhancement.

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@Chris_Lewis , I just updated the thread so you can now vote at the top left.


Love it, thank you! Maybe someone else will agree.

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