All Items> Tasks displays other people's tasks that shouldn't be there

I’m a newbie. All items> Tasks displays hundreds of other people’s tasks that shouldn’t be there. I’m only in one team LS TSLA and I have no team members yet so all tasks for me are assigned to me and I don’t have that many tasks yet. None of these unwanted tasks have been assigned to me.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below: Don’t see link to upload screenshots

Hi @Melissa_Airoldi, thanks for reaching out!

Could you please confirm where you are viewing this “All items” page? Is this an Advanced Search? A screenshot would be helpful :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

My college – Austin Community College has the Enterprise version.

I’m not on any of these teams. I’m only a member of the LS TSLA team. I am the only person on the LS TSLA team.

No one else in my office is using Asana yet, although there are plenty of people at my college using Asana.

No one has assigned any tasks to me and so far I’ve only assigned tasks to myself.

Also, I have received no messages so this page should also not contain others’ messages.

So none of these tasks from other people in my college should be displaying else “All Items” is useless to me.

Is there a way to just display all my tasks and my messages?

Below is a screenshot

@Melissa_Airoldi, that tab shows all tasks you have access to, but I suggest to and is a build in advance search. I suggest you use the My tasks at the top. This is the place where only tasks assigned to you will appear. Your messages and notifications is accessible in the “Inbox”

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Thanks so much, but I would find all tasks for just my team LS TSLA to be useful. “All”, those assigned to others on my team would be nice to have. I wish there was a way to see “All” LS TSLA team tasks, but not all the teams at my college. I only belong to one team so I have no need to see other team tasks as no one but my team is assigning me tasks.

Is “All items” displaying tasks that are public to my college. Maybe I need to tell others at my college not on make their tasks public.

Their projects might be public so you see the tasks inside. They need to look at team permissions and then project permissions.

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