Alfred Integration - Link Dead?

The Alfred Quicktask integration seems to be dead?

That page points to but the download link from there goes to a dead dropbox link.

Any idea if the developer is still supporting it?

ETA: I did email the developer and will update this if I hear back.

I didn’t know this even existed. I created my own Alfred/Zapier solution, but this one looks way better. Please let me know if you hear back from the developer.

I never heard back but I was able to track down the code for the QuickTask on GitHub.

Here is the source for it:

Here is an issue post that details what changes to the code need to be made for it to work with Alfred 3:


“…this needs some modification to work with Alfred 3. workflow.php calls for Alfred 2 directories. Do a find and replace, replacing Alfred-2 with Alfred-3, and replacing Alfred 2 with Alfred 3. After that everything will work like it’s supposed to.”

It will work with Personal Access Tokens (not the API Key as it will be deprecated):

My Profile Settings > Apps > Manage Developer Apps > Create New Personal Access Token

Good luck!

Awesome, thanks a lot!

@paulminors In the interest of the community and hoping this becomes mainstream, would you be so kind to consider sharing YOUR solution? QuckTask isn’t working :frowning:

I would love to take credit, but I followed the steps on the Zapier blog to set this up (requires the use of Zapier). Zapier for Alfred: Run Automated Workflows From Your Mac Keyboard


Ah, It seemed you created your own as I saw in one of your video walk throughs. Everything seemed different than the one that is created via Zapier so thought you have your own version :slight_smile:

Hi @paulminors, being a year later: do you still use this setup or do you have an idea if there is an official integration by now?

Yep still using this setup. Works perfectly :grinning:

Please see here to get the asana task integration working with Alfred:

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