Affiliate Program

So I am assuming there is still no affiliate program since this thread started?

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Just commenting to keep some slim hope of an actual affiliate program alive - come on Asana! The current agency referral form is pretty clunky, you’ve got hundreds of people on here ready to refer…

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Also hoping for an affiliate program…

So after 4 years there is still no affiliate program? Or did I miss something?

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Any update on this? I’d love to join it as well!

Agreed. Interested as well and awaiting an Affiliate Program html/short link set of options.

Does any one know if ASANA has an affiliate program in 2022?

How about in 2023?

I saw someone with an affiliate link for Asana. How do I get to claim my own personal affiliate link?

I am surprised because I believe it doesn’t exist @Kassy_Pajarillo , can you share what the link looks like?


Here’s one:

Interesting, Asana probably has deals with specific websites like GrowSumo :person_shrugging:
@Marie could you help clarify? Thanks a lot

Hello @Kassy_Pajarillo and @Bastien_Siebman,

These are old links from a referral program we deprecated a long time ago. We currently don’t have an affiliated program but if this was to change, I’ll keep you posted here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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