Affiliate Program


+1. I love your product and will be happy to promote it.


I have our international company running on Asana. We love it! I have so many clients that could also benefit from it so strongly encourage Asana to create an Affiliate program.


I love your product, I already list you as a partner on my website, but I would love to be an affiliate when you go live!

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Add my name to the list of people requesting a bona fide Affiliate program.

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Iā€™d love to take part in the affiliate program as well. I have a learning community of event pros that need this service. Please keep us updated of when it launches.


Any news on when the affiliate programme will be launching? Can we get added to a list?


Could you please add a email signup form to notify us when the affiliate program launches? Iā€™m interested in promoting Asana.


Please also notify me if the program launches.