Advanced search function for modified DUE DATE

Our team is spread across multiple offices, with many of our more than 60 staff who use Asana for shared project management working remotely at this time. Each month, each office conducts planning and budgeting, which includes reassessing activities that were scheduled for the previous month but which have been deferred to the next month. Each monthly budget must be approved and changes must be tracked. Throughout the month, our team makes changes to Task due dates based on ongoing activity management and planning. Therefore, we need to be able to track which Tasks were rescheduled, so a feature that would allow a search for Tasks with a modified due date would be extremely helpful so we know when we’ve made changes to the work plan timeline. Is this a feature that could be added? Could a Rule be added (we have Premium, so cannot create a custom rule) that would do something to show in a search Tasks with modified due dates (e.g., Due Date changed, set [create new field])?

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