Search on task updates

Is it possible to search in Asana based on when a change was made to the task? The history of the task gives lots of detail about who changed what field. It would be great to be able to search on this – for instance, tasks with changes made to the field “Estimated hours” in the month of November.

I get notifications about many of these changes (when I’m a collaborator) but I don’t see a way to search my Inbox for keywords either.

Here’s a screenshot of the detail I’m talking about that I’d like to be able to systematically search on:


Indeed it is not possible, not sure it will ever be :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the confirm, Bastien.

Ah, Sean Lords found an answer:
Advanced Search will allow you to look for tasks modified within a certain time frame.

  • Add Filter
  • Dates
  • Modification Date
    It doesn’t specify what was changed, so this can be a pretty huge report – but if you know what change you are looking for, you can narrow it down with other fields.
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