Advanced Search for tasks without any due date (NoDate)

This is a must have. Please add this filter.

It is fairly straightforward and we use it daliy

Need to have a way to filter tasks without due dates assigned.

Unfortunately that request is at least 2 years maybe 3 years old.

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This would also be incredibly useful. Please add this.


Another request for this (easy to implement) feature


Adding my voice here -this would be great, especially since I can’t assign a due date when creating tasks via email in my somewhat automated system.

@Roxanne1 If you use Microsoft Outlook on your PC you can assign tasks and due dates with my add-in Thanks

Please please please, this is long overdue.

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Adding another vote here. This request is 4 years old – any insights from Asana?

Alternatively, the ability to reverse-sort due dates in search so that blank due dates show up at the top instead of the bottom would be helpful.


I just voted on this one too. Ideally I want to see a report in global reporting: number of tasks with no due date broken down by things like the user who created/assigned the task to see who needs to be educated on always assigning a due date. Sure there are some type of tasks which are just a brain-dump and don’t need a due date, though these could be filtered out of the report. I’d also want access to al the tasks with no due date as a list someone on the team can work through. This seems like such a simple request given the current functionality available so I am assuming there are other items with more votes being given a higher priority. If you are reading this and agree, don’t forget to vote at the top of the page (just adding a comments won’t be enough :wink: ).

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Wow, this request is 4 years old with tons of votes and comments - and still no resolution.

The solution should be as trivial as under the Advanced Search menu, include “No due date” in the Due date dropdown:


It’s now been 5 years. I guess the task to fix the problem never got assigned a due date.


Logging in specifically to put my vote in for this being a critical and seemingly basic feature.

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I believe this CAN be done quite easily in the existing reporting tool, although it is not intuitive because the option does not reside in the due date menu, but is given as a task status option as a filter. Here’s how I did it:

Go to Reporting, add a new chart

Select template: Incomplete Tasks by Project

Click add filter, select Task Status then select Unscheduled

Add other filters as required (e.g. you probably want to filter out complete tasks)

Rename Chart to Tasks with no Due Date

You will now have a chart which shows, by project, how many tasks do not have a due date entered allowing you to find these tasks and enter a date

Limitations with this is that the Chart/Report does not update in real-time, so that if you assign a Due Date to a task you need to refresh Asana for it to disappear. Even navigating out and back often leaves tasks lingering.

You also can’t link directly to the Chart from the side-navigation, you have to first click through the Dashboard, which is an unnecessary extra two clicks.

But otherwise, a reasonably good (and definitely unintuitive) solution to what seems like a very basic problem. Also not a replacement for just adding “No due date” as a filter in the Advanced search.

Adding my vote here. I can easily sort by most likes on a task, but not simply search for tasks that have no due date. Critical for a project management tool.

I would LOVE to search by no due date, and the work arounds listed aren’t the best. Completed without a due date isn’t always helpful especially when your Asana data passes to Power BI and is being used in analysis of events.


it’s now 2022 and this open (and essential) issue has not really been resolved.
6 years and counting…

I have tried the work-around’s that others have suggested and they don’t seem to work for me.

My solution has just been to add a custom field and then use rules to update it.


@Reuben_Baker This is a brilliant workaround. :clap:
I will be trying this out!

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Great idea, @Reuben_Baker,

Possible very minor improvement: I usually create a boolean custom field like “Has Due Date?” using a single option with value :heavy_check_mark: and use the most neutral color to reduce clutter. The Due date removed trigger’s action can then be to clear the value. Your great solution, but perhaps a little lighter weight.