Adobe Creative Cloud integration, PDF Files

Yes! Loving this so much already, finally I don’t have to use other form makers!

I just have a couple of questions about the CC integration:

  1. Is there a way to select just 1 particular art board/page from Illustrator/InDesign to be added as an attachment?

  2. Is there a way to attach a different file type, I design a lot of flyers and things with large amounts of copy and with just the PNG export it isn’t high enough quality to be able to add feedback directly in Asana?

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I agree. I work with a lot of PDFs. I’d love to see support for PDFs increase to include thumbnails and ability to annotate feedback like images.

But this is a great start. I’m really happy with this feature rollout.


Hey @Stace, thanks so much for your feedback on this!

To ensure to we can track and allow other users to vote on all feedback we receive I have gone ahead and moved your reply from the original post into its own feedback thread! I hope you don’t mind :blush:


Thanks @Edda for creating a feedback thread for the ACC integration. One additional thing I might suggest for the integration is making the tasks searchable from within CC. Unless I’m missing it, you currently just have to scroll/read through a potentially long list of tasks.

Thanks for the new helpful integration!

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I notice that, in InDesign, when you select ‘attach a preview’ it appears as though it’s outputting individual pages as attachments to the task but (at least in my experience) it seems to only upload the first page (PNG) no matter what. Is this the expected behaviour of the integration at this point?

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Thanks everybody for the quick early feedback! Tony from the integration team here. We’re planning an update to our integration inside InDesign to export and attach as pdf file types instead and exporting of all pages rather than just the first.


Hey, really enjoying the CC integration - is it possible when exporting a PDF to export these without the bleed and print marks?


I hope you guys are still working on exporting the entire page! The product still only exports the current art board.

in Illustrator
File>Save As > Pick “Range” then which artboart you want to export…
then save your file name :slight_smile: it is that simple

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Huseyin Durak
Kibrit Creative Solutions
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Hey :slight_smile:
I believe the page range feedback is when using the add in, not when exporting out of InDesign as normal.