Adjust display size

Hi @Lisa_Hodnet , welcome to the forum.

This thread’s original issue (page was zoomed in too large) has been resolved by @Richard_Sather 's solution to use the keyboard keys to reset the zoom level until all elements of the screen were accessible.

During the course of this thread, a new issue popped up (app extends outside of the viewport boundaries when in full-screen mode) which has not yet been resolved, but does have an active support ticket, along with its own dedicated thread. This is not the same as the original issue brought up by @Teri_Heist , but something entirely new that users have noticed since the last Desktop App update. It sounds like you, along with me and some of the others here, are having this issue, where scrollbars are not visible, and thus navigation of the various windows and views is next to impossible.

I have a center mouse wheel on my mouse, so I am able to scroll up and down in my task view, and tilt it from side to side to scroll the Board view from right to left. If you don’t have a mouse wheel, then the only solution available to us while we wait for a fix is to take the app out of full-screen and just manually resize the window to your screen edges. If on a Mac, you may be able to set up gestures for swipe-scrolling with the trackpad, but I’m on Windows, so can’t confirm if that will actually work.

Hope this helps a little.

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