Additional and customizable Asana celebrations

Have checked my settings and still not seeing any celebrations. What happened?

I love these! They keep me from that “I’ve been doing the same thing for hours” glazed over look.

I’ve used this feature and now I want to turn it off. I can’t. I’ve tried turning it off and refreshing. I’ve turned it on and refreshed, and I’ve tried both combinations with ?no_flags flag in the url. It still happens.

I think I know what’s happening. When I append ?no_flags it reroutes to ?no_flags= and with that present, the “extra delight” still happens.

Hello, may we please get even more delight? Perhaps an “Ultra Delight” mode? Gotta get my fix.


We love the celebrations! Something to consider: celebratory otters.


Same here. All my colleagues get to see unicorns and other flying animals but I only get the rainbow stripe. Checked the settings several times but it all seems correct. Would be great to get this fixed. Thanks


Please make a toggle for task completion that lets one set the rainbow animation to always on, regardless of flying animals :slight_smile:


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Same here, only rainbow colour for finishing tasks. No animals anymore. :sob:

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Can we please be able to use custom images for celebrations


Our team enjoys the celebrations and it would be good to have a variety of celebration topics/pictures. One thing I did notice is that when we turned on “Extra Delight” in the My Profile Setting > Hack area it stopped the pictures flying across the screen and only showed the rainbows colours on the task row. Is this known to happen or is it happening to anyone else? I noticed Jenny_Miller said she isn’t getting the same thing. I turned off the extra delight and the celebrations started coming through again.
I do also have the “Show occasional celebrations upon task completion” ticked in “My Profile Settings…” > “Display”.

I played with the setting a couple of times, turning both options on and off and reloading the changes. This seemed to make them start coming through again as expected.

Can we just have a button that we can hit for celebrations? We want to celebrate archiving a project for example or team members who accomplished a lot that week. Celebrations on demand!!


Hello Asana team,

During an on-boarding session it was noted that the team would like different celebrations – such as a scorpion, snake, etc… Are any newer celebrations in the pipeline Asana is working on? Is there a way to add custom celebrations?

Thank you,

Hi @Christopher :wave:t3:

This is not in our near-term plans, but additional custom celebrations are definitely something we want to look into in the future! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead merged your post with the existing conversation we have to consolidate feedback on this subject! On my end, I will make sure to update this thread as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:

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Our team at Plumas Bank utilizes Asana. We enjoy the platform but there is one concerning issue. Why is Asana so stingy with the Unicorns, Phoenixes, Yetis, Narwhals etc…??! I wanted to show our appreciation for these little awards. We LOVE them. We hope you create a Dragon next!!! :smiley:

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Thanks for your kind words @Dale_Morgan, I’ll make sure to pass them onto our Design team :slight_smile: we already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post with the existing thread to gather all ideas on this topic in one place, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Love unicorns and I want more fun, like rainbow, confetti… :star_struck:

We love the celebrations as well. An extension package would be so cool though, to add more wow and surprising factors.

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