Adding Project Name to Status Update pages

The new widget for showing status updates on projects is good, but the lack of a Project Name on the update screen means that it can be difficult to know what the status is about. The related project name should be included in the widget view.

Agreed @Jim_McLaughlin ! Don’t forget to vote yourself :wink:

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One would think that would be automatic, like on Reddit. :slight_smile:

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I agree, @Jim_McLaughlin, and voted. And I also provided this input elsewhere too (consolidating there since it’s related):

I’d want to also see the following (besides what’s shown already: title, status, date posted, and first line of status):

  • icon representing whether this is for a project (in case other statuses become available, like portfolio, goal)
  • tooltip on hover showing the name of that object (e. g., the project name, portfolio name, etc., depending) to which the status report applies

Note that the above would only add a single icon to each widget entry so there’s certain room for that!


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