Adding Priority, Status and Effort Fields to a Private Task


My name is David and I would like learn how to add the priority, Status and effort field to a private task the manufacturing team uses to monitor our local work. We have the option to add the above fields to open global tasks for the company, but not our private one. Is there a way to modify our existing task? will we need to create a new task , add the field then export/import?

Thank you in advance


Hey @Dave_Burns, welcome to the forum :wave:

Just to ensure I understand correctly you are trying to have custom fields added to tasks that are private and not in any project?

If so then the fastest way is to add the task to a new project where you add the custom fields then you can update those.
You can also add a task to more projects at once then all these custom fields would show.

More info Custom Fields • Asana

Did I understood correctly what you are trying to achieve? Does the above help?

P.S. you might also want to vote for Custom Fields in My Tasks


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