Adding a task under a heading on iOS App

I have been attempting to add a task directly below a heading (usually bold and with a colon at the end of the heading) on the iOS app but can’t seem to figure it out.

@Stephany_Pierre It sounds like you’re trying to add a task in iOS and then move that task into a section, is that right? I suggest that you use the plus button to create a new task and then drag the new task into the section. Have you experimented with dragging tasks around in iOS? It’s awesome!

Thank you , Alexis!

My question was more for headings INSIDE sub tasks. They don’t drag on an
iOS device the same way they drag in project view.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

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@Stephany_Pierre you are correct. I love your idea, though! I’ll deliver that feedback to our team.

I haven the same issue. Can’t drag sub-tasks around in ios, and especially the boards layout.

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